In the Northern Lights, the wavelenght of the colour blue is 


  • 250W assistance.  Classed as an E-bike

  • 100 mile range.

  • Carbon fibre leaf spring fully independent suspension.

  • 50 mph.

  • Zero emissions

  • Human electric hybrid

  • Removable battery, charge in the home or office.

  • All-round hydraulic disc brakes.

  • 1.2 metre wide, much more stable in corners than competing designs. 

  • Impact foam sub-structure - 15cm thick in critical areas, double skinned,  monocoque construction.

  • Large diameter wheels and deliberately designed narrow-to-wide crumple zones to absorb and deflect impacts.

  • Roll hoop.


  • Low drag/high speed capable design.

  • Lightweight - sub  70 Kgs depending on battery range requirements. 

  • The first vehicle designed to achieve all of this with no compromise to style.

  • £5000 plus taxes and options