In recent years, full electric vehicles have become commonplace largely thanks to advancements in battery technology.  Since these vehicles have significant mass and standard aerodynamics, they require a substantial quantity of expensive batteries to achieve adequate performance and range.  Therefore many of the cost and environmental benefits of full electric vehicles is to date, severely compromised.

What is required is a vehicle so lightweight and aerodynamic that it can propel its pilot on a fraction of the battery capacity of the currently available offerings by requiring much less energy to move.  This would result in a vehicle capable of a 100km commute on 20 pence of electricity!

Presumably then, such a vehicle would have a high retail price?  In fact, quite the opposite is true, For just 25 pounds per week over three years, you can own one.  You don't even need a driving license to pilot one.



  • 1000W.

  • Carbon fibre leaf spring fully independent suspension.

  • All-round hydraulic disc brakes.

  • 1.2 metre wide, much more stable in corners than competing designs. 

  • Impact foam sub-structure - 15cm thick in critical areas, double skinned,  monocoque construction.

  • Large diameter wheels and deliberately designed narrow-to-wide crumple zones to absorb and deflect impacts.

  • Roll hoop.


  • Low drag/high speed capable design.

  • Lightweight - sub 60 Kgs depending on battery range requirements. 

  • 60 miles per day commute possible with a standard, inexpensive E-bike battery.

  • The first vehicle designed to achieve all of this with no compromise to style.

  • The lowest cost full electric 'car' available

Efficiency can be enhanced by following two simple design principals:  Less weight and low drag. This results in - lighter, faster, more nimble,  longer range and much, much more cost effective travel.

To date , these benefits have been obvious to most but have often been associated with designs that offer virtually no impact absorption benefits and little weather protection or creature comforts.

In response to this, Morphosa has essentially designed the most lightweight and aerodynamically efficient full body helmet ever conceived.  More super hero clothing than traditional heavy, expensive, inefficient and ugly metal skip. A double skinned, foam filled, lightweight torpedo rammed with bang up-to-date electric vehicle tech.